Yumenoki Family Club

Yumenoki expands family links! 

We would like to make good links with families, not only in Japan, also those overseas.

We encourage the members to study each other's languages by Skype, to visit each other's countries and share each other's houses to stay for holidays.

If we share what we have with friends, we can enjoy more things more easily!

We might be able to make our life more exciting for each other.


We would like to broaden these good friendship links all over!


We make various interesting and fun lessons and events where we can learn English and other languages, as well as cultural differences in this circle. Also we make some playroom using easy English and other languages at public primary schools in Osaka! 

If you would like to have nice time with Japanese kids, please feel free to come and join us!

We have many talented teachers from over the world as well! If you are interested to teach your language and cultuer, please join as a teacher!